T-Rock - Play No Games (The Movie & Soundtrack) Combo Deals


Movie Synopsis: Starring T-Rock. Four friends trapped in a lifestyle of crime, drugs and fast money chase a dream of becoming musicians with hopes of escaping the deadly lifestyle they are entrapped in forever. However in order to achieve the funds to pursue a career in music they must commit one final deadly act which leads to a conflict of betrayal, murder and mayhem beyond measures.

Soundtrack Description: T-Rock and Rock Solid Music present the soundtrack to the movie Play No Games. This 16 track release includes collaborations with Rich Homie Quan, M.C. Mack, Odd-1, K-Rock, C-9, Merciles, Haveknotz, Reek, DB Family and Rem Steele.

Track Listing

1. Play No Games
2. What’s Up Wit It (feat. Odd-1)
3. Team On Go [Remix] (feat. Area 51: Reek, Odd-1)
4. Got Focused
5. Gooned Up (feat. Smoke & Gold Ru$h)
6. Hella Years (feat. M.C. Mack)
7. Wild (feat. C-9 & Merciles)
8. I Don’t F*ck Wit You (feat. Odd-1 & Rem Steele)
9. The Weed
10. Play No Games [Remix] (feat. K-Rock)
11. My M-O
12. Complex
13. Friends Turn [Skit]
14. Friends Turn (feat. Rich Homie Quan, Reek)
15. Flyin Off
16. Take My Hand Off It