T-Rock - The Myth of Reality (Remastered) CDs


Remastered version of the 2002 release The Myth of Reality by T-Rock. Features production from T-Rock, DJ Cree, Crate Society and Adonis. This album also includes features from C-Mob and Odd-1.

Track Listing

1. Intro
2. Duck Ya Grill
3. Know Da Half (feat. C-Mob)
4. On Site (feat. Adonis, DJ Cree)
5. The Myth Of Reality
6. Bloodline
7. That'll Work (Wanna Get Some 2)
8. Take It
9. Ain't Hard to Find (feat. C-Mob)
10. Whatcha Sayin'
11. My Niggas (feat. DJ Cree, Odd-1)
12. Touch 'Em (feat. Adonis)
13. Loaded Up
14. Yeen Hard
15. Keep It Trill
16. Outro (Why We Did This)
17. Blazed Up, Blowed Out