C.P. - Colossal Pimpin CDs


The debut album from Rock Solid Music's C.P. 'Colossal Pimpin' features appearances from T-Rock, Infra-Red, Scrilla Man and more.

Track Listing

1. Beatin
2. Work It Like A Pro (feat. T-Rock)
3. For Real
4. These Ni**as So Soft
5. When I Want
6. No More
7. It Is What Is (feat. T-Rock & Scrilla Man)
8. All U Need
9. Buy Da Bar (feat. T-Rock, Midas, Scrilla Man & Infra-Red)
10. Everybody’s Got A Dream
11. Pimps Up, Hoes Down
12. Got B*tches Lined Up
13. You’ll See