T-Rock - Rapid Fire CDs


Rapid Fire by T-Rock features appearances from C-Mob, Mr. Sche, Smoke, Odd-1, Lil Tec and C-Rock.

Track Listing

1. Blast N Bail
2. Get Ya Seen About feat. C-Mob
3. Full Throttle feat. C-Mob & Mr. Sche
4. Watch Me Juug
5. I Just Might (Remix) feat. Smoke
6. Makin Easy Money feat. Lil Tec
7. Play Harder feat. C-Mob
8. Wanna Be High
9. Ride Out (Remix) feat. C-Mob
10. Rock Solid Frontline feat. Smoke, Odd-1, C-Rock & C-Mob
11. Outro