T-Rock - Papers, Vol. 1.5 CDs


Rock Solid Music presents Papers 1.5 by T-Rock. This release features appearances from Pastor Troy, Smoke, Lil Tec and more. Papers 1.5 also includes special remixes and original versions of tracks that did not appear on the Papers album release. Includes production from DJ Cree, Mossberg and others.

Track Listing

1. Git Down Or Lay Down (Remix)
2. Gun And A Vest [Remix 2] (feat. Pastor Troy)
3. I Go In
4. I Be On Dat
5. 100 Racks
6. Holla At A Playa
7. Bend Dat Thang
8. Cruel World (feat. Smoke)
9. Campaign (feat. Scrilla Man)
10. Dat Check
11. Turned Up
12. Gun And A Vest [Original Version] (feat. Pastor Troy)
13. Love How Dey Hate
14. DJ Insane - So High
15. Smoke - Chopper Rang Out (feat. T-Rock)
16. Lil Tec - Bring It On (We Ready)
17. Outro