T-Rock - The Power Move CDs


This release includes new and exclusive freestyles from T-Rock, new tracks from the forthcoming War Wounds album and tracks from the Rock Solid Royal Family and Area 51 albums due out later this year. The Power Move includes guest appearances from Area 51, Scrilla Man, Reek, Infra-Red, Flo Dawgs and the Rock Solid Royal Family.

Track Listing

1. Intro
2. Biters Beware
3. Doin It
4. County of Crooks (feat. Scrilla Man of Area 51)
5. Too Tight
6. Spazz Out (feat. Scrilla Man of Area 51)
7. Chief Chief Chief
8. Wanna Git Some (Classic)
9. F*ckin Wit My Money (feat. Reek of Area 51)
10. Gone Hurt Em (feat. Infra-Red of Area 51)
11. T-Rock Speaks on Area 51
12. U Don’t Live Dat – Area 51
13. Mo Trilla
14. Ain’t So Gangsta (feat. Scrilla Man of Area 51)
15. Smokin On Da Dro (Classic)
16. T-Rock Speaks on Rock Solid Royal Family
17. Rock Solid Royal Family – I Can Git Ya Straight
18. Live My Life (feat. Flo Dawgs)
19. Talk Money – Area 51
20. Scrilla Man – Somethin 2 Talk About (feat. G.B.K.)
21. I’m Fly – Flo Dawgs
22. Outro
23. Slang & Serve (Classic)