T-Rock - On The Grind: Rock Solid Edition CDs


Atlanta legend T-Rock teams up with J.A. for another installment of the On The Grind series. T-Rock is known for his appearances on the platinum albums, Project Pat’s “Mista Don’t Play” and Three 6 Mafia’s “When The Smoke Clears, 6661″, the “Choices” movie soundtrack and from several memorable guest appearances on numerous albums. Over the course of his career he has sold close to 100,0000 copies with no radio spins or promotion and the numbers continue to climb. On The Grind is a must have for die hard fans of this legendary rapper and a good starting point for listeners that are new to him.

Track Listing

1. Intro
2. Break Dat Chain
3. It's Whatever (feat. Odd-1)
4. Pimp by Nature (feat. DJ Cree & Adonis)
5. Southside (feat. M.A.J.)
6. T-Rock Speaks
7. What U Know (feat. Kingpin Skinny Pimp)
8. Yeen Hard [Remix]
9. Load It Up [Remix]
10. Surped Up
11. T-Rock Speaks
12. Duck Ya Grill [Remix]
13. We'n Barrin Sh*t (feat. DJ Cree & Al Kapone)
14. BHS (feat. C.I.A.)
15. What Ya Sayin [Remix]
16. T-Rock Speaks
17. U Don't Wanna
18. Be A G About It
19. Straighten Yours
20. This Is What U Get (feat. Al Kapone & Da Jerk)
21. What's Stoppin U (feat. Unexpected)
22. Prosperity Over Poverty
23. Keep It Movin' (feat. Yung Hazardus & Flo Dawgs)
24. Smokin Purple (feat. Yung Hazardus)