T-Rock - The Power Move 2 CDs


T-Rock is back once again with The Power Move 2! Featuring new and exclusive tracks along with some classics, The Power Move 2 is guaranteed to please old fans and new fans alike.

Track Listing

1. T-Rock Speaks
2. Real Gz Up (feat. Reek of Area 51)
3. Thugg It Out
4. Hustle Hard Remix (feat. Mr. Sche)
5. Red N Black Chevy
6. Ya Gotta Believe (Freestyle)
7. Same Thing (feat. Nyjai, Slikk of Area 51 and C-Mob)
8. T-Rock Speaks
9. Thank What I Thank
10. Feelin It
11. Blazed Up, Blowed Out
12. Maybach Muzick (Freestyle)
13. Superthrowed (feat. Scrilla Man)
14. Eva (Freestyle)
15. Git It How I Git It (feat. Scrilla Man and Infra-Red of Area 51)
16. Run Dis Town (Freestyle)
17. Chief Chief Chief
18. Game Recognize Game (feat. Shorty Roc of Flo Dawgs)
19. Gangsta Party (feat. Area 51: Infrared, Scrilla Man)
20. Dats Swagg
21. Gone Hurt ‘Em (feat. Infra-Red)
22. Love My Whip (feat. Chamillionaire, Lord Infamous and II Tone)
23. T-Rock Speaks
24. Mr. Scrooge – Still Standin (feat. Tyrone and Ship Daddy)