T-Rock - Throw Yo Neighborhood Up CDs


This is the re-release of T-Rock's very first underground album, originally recorded in 1997 at the age of 16. Included on this re-release are some previously unreleased bonus tracks.

Track Listing

1. Da Introduction
2. Bring It On
3. Catch Me If I Lose My Mind
4. Throw Yo Neighborhood Up
5. Greenery N G.O.D. (feat. Lil' Bud, Odd-1 and Grip)
6. Prosperity Ova Poverty
7. All About Survivin'
8. Da Choice Is Yours (feat. Laylow of DEEP)
9. Rocafellas Midtro
10. Godly Rooted Playa
11. In a Zone (feat. Pot Head Disciples)
12. Travel to Deese Realms (feat. Laylow and Odd-1)
13. Fires of Life
14. No Remorse (feat. Malachi and Grip)
15. Lifetime Struggle (feat. Odd-1)
16. Look Deep In da Eyes
17. Who Down 4 Me (feat. Red Knight and Grip)
18. Don't Make Me