T-Rock and Twisted Insane - Annihilation CDs


"Annihilation" showcases the unparalleled talents of T-Rock and Twisted Insane, two formidable forces that come together to create an unstoppable lyrical duo. With each track, they effortlessly weave their distinctive styles, proving why they remain unrivaled in the rap game. Prepare to be mesmerized by the razor-sharp flows and lightning-fast delivery that define the artistry of T-Rock and Twisted Insane. Their dynamic wordplay and unparalleled vocal dexterity will keep your ears glued to the speakers, unveiling new layers of complexity with every listen.

Beyond the mesmerizing beats and mind-bending rhymes, "Annihilation" ventures into uncharted storytelling territory. T-Rock and Twisted Insane skillfully paint vivid pictures with their words, delving into raw emotions, personal struggles, and profound life experiences that resonate with every listener. The album's production is nothing short of awe-inspiring, pushing the boundaries of modern hip-hop. A fusion of booming basslines, haunting melodies, and innovative soundscapes forms the perfect canvas for T-Rock and Twisted Insane's lyrical masterclass.

"Annihilation" isn't just an album; it's a testament to the power of collaboration. T-Rock and Twisted Insane's undeniable chemistry elevates the tracks to an unparalleled level, with each artist inspiring the other to reach new heights.

Track Listing

1. Pray
2. War
3. Block 2 Block (feat. The Game & Frayser Boy)
4. Bloody
5. No Remorse
6. Friday 13th (feat. Dada)
7. With That
8. On Sight (feat. Frayser Boy)